Social media has undeniably changed how people communicate, this can be business to business, business to consumer or consumer to business. Having a strong social media management team in place is just as important as having a fully responsive website. With InsideMan Digital Media, you will never have to worry about updating or growing your own social media accounts again. We will professionally manage your social media channels (From Facebook to LinkedIn) to increase engagement on all platforms and focus on lead generation whether that is sign ups to your newsletter or product promotion. Our social media services are designed to grow your brand’s online presence. We help your brand establish trust and build relationships with potential clients.

These are the four areas we focus on that together will free up tour time, put your mind at rest and keep you busy as your brand grows:

  • Daily Management (checking messages and mentions) & Publishing Posts
  • Custom Content Creation to ensure fresh engaging content for your readers.
  • Interactive Engagement done by an in-house person so you never have to worry about engaging.
  • Awareness & Follower Growth – on Social Media, numbers do not lie.

We have over 400 000 followers on Twitter, over 20 000 fans on Facebook, over 30 000 Instagram followers and are connected on LinkedIn to more than 35 000 professionals.

Digital Prepaid

You are in business, and you understand there is a need from time to time to market your business. You know there is value in Digital Marketing, but to enter into a monthly agreement,  may not work for your type of business. InsideMan Digital Media has seen an opportunity to provide Digital Marketing services, with no long term contracts. A simple system of Digital Prepaid Services is the solution. Every action, task or activity we do will be logged and a full report provided so that you can see EXACTLY what was done.

Social Media Packages

10 Hour Starter package           Normal Price R 2500.00                   Pindex Member price           R 2200.00
20 Hour Pro package                  Normal Price R 5000.00                    Pindex Member price           R 4500.00
50 Hour Epic package                 Normal Price R 12 500.00                Pindex Member price           R 11 000.00

Social Media event, product or brand campaign

When you want the whole country to know about your event, product or launch, you need a dedicated campaign. We have made every single event, launch and function Trend on Twitter. To trend on twitter means that you get MASSIVE exposure and the going rate to trend for a day from other digital agencies ranges from R 45 000 – R 60 000 for a day.

InsideMan Media will get you to Trend for R 15 000.00  Pindex Member price R 10 000.00

100% money back guarantee,  if we do not trend, you don’t pay.

Monthly Retainer

Hiring a full time digital marketer / social media strategist / copy writer / social media consultant / community manager for your business could cost you R 25 000 or more a month. With InsideMan you get all of this an more, we have a massive reach, access to the best software and tools to manage your Digital Marketing. Why hire 1 person or even a team for that price when you can have InsideMan Media do it all for you for less.

Non Pindex member prices:
Monthly retainer starts at R 2000 a month for 10 hours and goes up to R 25 000 for 100 hours

Pindex member prices:
Monthly retainer starts at R 1800 a month for 10 hours and goes up to R 22 000 for 100 hours